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Mt: Rudugaira Expedition (5,920 M)

  • Rudugaira peak
  • situated in the north india's gangotri glacier.
  • elevation 5,920 mtr from sea level
  • overview




    10N / 11D



    P & D

    Uttarkashi To Uttarkashi

    best time

    may, june, september, october

    total trekking



    uttarkashi-gangotri-nala camp-rudugaira base camp-summit-rudugaira base camp-nala camp-gangotri-uttarkashi

    Mt. Rudugaira  Expedition

     Brief Description

    Mount Rudugaira is located in the Rudu Valley of the Garhwal Himalayas. The Rudu Valley is known for its panoramic views of the Gangotri peaks. It is also an entry point towards Gangotri Massif and Auden’s Col. Rudugaira Peak is considered to be a safe and easy peak. It is best for those who are just starting out in the mountaineering field. Also, for trekkers who want to raise their bar of climbing. The low altitude is a perfect mountain to gain experience, with an easy approach. The expedition starts from none other than the popular pilgrimage site Gangotri. From Gangotri, the trail slowly winds through dense forests. meadows and the Bhagirathi River. The camps are strategically placed on vast meadows lined with large mountains. The trail is such that it passes through diversions every day. By the time you start attempting the summit, you’ve already passed meadows. moraine, landslides, ridges, streams, etc. This campaign introduces the concept of load ferry. In which the team shifts all the gear to the summit camp a day before and gives the data back to the base camp itself. Therefore, it prepares for larger mountaineering expeditions. This method of load ferrying is mainly for optimization. Trying to summit is literally a walk to heaven. It shows the scary cracks of the Gangotri peak. but the sight of the first sun rays falling on the Gangotri mountain is amazing. The rest of the climb also continues to surprise. Although the trail also plays with you by showing false peaks 3 times. Despite all this, the moment you reach the peak, you are on top of the world. Along with the Gangotri sisters, the sisters Shrikant, Shivling and Bhagirathi hail you.

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     Birif Itinerary



    • Explore to Vishwanath Temple.
    • Preparation for further move.
    • Overnight stay in hotel.
    • Mount Rudugaira expedition starts from the holy city of Gangotri. The drive from Uttarkashi to Gangotri is a 100 km road trip through winding mountain roads. Which will pass through Harshil Valley.
    • After reaching Gangotri, we will attend evening aarti at Gangotri temple. And seek blessings for the successful completion of the campaign. We will spend the night at a hotel in Gangotri
    • Today is the first day you will be trekking for the Rudgaira mountain expedition. The day’s walk begins as the holy town for Gangotri. One of the “Char Dham” of Uttarakhand. After offering your prayers at the Gangotri Temple. You head towards a spectacular waterfall called “Surya Kund” on the Bhagirathi River. in the Rudugaira Valley. Will grow A gradual descent will take you past the Pandava Cave. where the Pandavas are believed to have lived at one point in their lives.
      There are deep valleys along the mountain and pleasant shady forests run through. After a few hours you will reach Rudugaira Gad – a small mountain stream. With a long bridge over it, after crossing the Gad there is a gentle climb. Nala Camp, as the name suggests, Nala Camp is situated on the bank of a stream.
    • Overnight stay in tents.
    • Starting early in the morning from Nala Camp. You will start walking towards the Rudugaira Base Camp. Soon after the walk starts, you will leave the tree-line behind and the lush green meadows. of the Rudugaira Valley greet you. This up and down meadow walk continues till about an hour before Base Camp. The last hour of the walk is through a rocky moraine type terrain and on the remnants of the Rudugaira Glacier. The Base Camp is a staging area for many peaks in the vicinity. The three peaks in the Gangotri Massiff (Gangotri – I, Gangotri – II, and Gangotri – III). are all approached from this Base Camp. The technical trekking expedition to the Auden’s Col also has this same location as the Base Camp.
    • Overnight stay in tents.
    • Base camp acclimatization day.
    • Overnight stay in tents.
    • Next 4 days for Acclimatization, Establish higher camps and summit Mt. Rudugaira (5,920M).

      Meals: All meals with high altitude food

    • Departure form Uttarkashi 

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