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Gidara Bugyal is a Bugyal (Himalayan Alpine Meadows) in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.Gidara Bugyal is a trekking and camping destination. The average height of Bugyal is 4309 meters the vast expanse of lush green meadows in Bugyal and Himalayan peaks. like Bandarpunch Gangotri can be clearliy seen from here. The trek to this Bugyal is about 20 km and starts from Gangnani, which is about 48 km from Uttarkashi.Dayara Bugyal can also be reached from Bugyal and is 20 km further from Bugyal. Gidara Bugyal is a lesser known trek due to its height and difficulty. The best time to  visit Gidara Bugyal is either in month of June. when some parts of the land are covered with snow or in month of September, when the snow melts. The area remains. Inaccessible during winters due to snow-covered trek route. It is one of the tallest and largest grasslands and is larger than the twin meadows.Of Ali and Bedni Bugyal Bamsaru Tal, situated at an altitude of 4812 meters. is also a place to visit and are located 10 km further from Gidara Bugyal.
While Dayara Bugyal is one of the easiest and popular trekking destination in Uttarakhand, most people don’t know that there is another gem hidden 14 km beyond Dayara Bugyal, the scenic Gidara Bugyal. You can reach this lush green high altitude meadow by trekking on a gradually ascending but easy trail. The combination of Dayara Bugyal with Gidara Bugyal showcases the best of widespread alpine meadows.

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  • Today we will go from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi district. Which are located at a distance of 168 kms. And reach Bhangeli, a small village from Uttarkashi, which is 48 km away.
    And if you opt for transportation from us then we will pick you up at Rishikesh bus stand. at 8:AM and drive to Bhangeli which will pick you up. It will take you around 5.6 hours and we will walk around Bhangeli village and stay at homestay overnight.
  • Today we start our trek from Bhangeli village. and make their way to the Rikoda Campsite. And you cross the village temple nicely. and pass through a dagi forest covered with oak trees.
    Will cross small rivers and streams, and the fauna is almost untouched. Because only villages use it. Thus the beginning of the trek becomes ancient already. Suddenly the treeline disappears. And you will find the greater Himalayas in the distance of mountain ranges. especially the Gangotri group and the Shrikant peaks. We will camp in tents for the night on the beautiful meadows of Rikoda.
  • Today we trek towards the Dokrani Campsite a gradual hike to the top towards. The Thirya River and then a steep hike through the Oke and Bhojpatra forests to a rich. clearing that overlooks the astonishing Gangotri Massif. There is a Dokrani campsite with views. Rest for your campsite and retire for the night in tents. 
  • Today the trek is relatively easy in which a gradual climb.
    Of one hour will take us to Dokrani Bugyal As Dokrani Campsite you will have amazing views.
    Of Gangotri, Jogin, DKD and Shrikant peaks on one side and Dokrani meadows on the other. Time to soak in the stunning scenery and then we continue the trek across. Of meadows to reach Thalotya Campsite full of rhododendron flowers. Located along a stream in a narrow valley overnight in tents.
  • Today is a long and difficult day so we start our trek early. we will cross the stream and after a short climb we will reach the starting point of the Gidara meadow. After an hour of climbing the grasslands you will find the Gidara Bugyal Will get the first glimpse. And it is endless in May and in early June you can still find snow on. this part of Bugyal which is absolutely huge. we will continue our trek and reach as ridge where you get epic views of mountain ranges Huh. The Ridge Walk is Simplicity one of the highlights of the trek. We will reach Gidara Top which is the highest point of the trek. then. we walk on the ridge and descend towards Dokrani Bugyal We reach the campsite. of Thiriya through dense forest, there will be a steep path divergence. in the overnight in tents.
  • As on Thirya Campsite we will cross the river and trek towards. Rikoda Campsite then take our steps back to Bhangeli village. And drive on the same day to reach Uttarkashi  / Rishikesh.

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